Saturday, June 12, 2021

R.R.V. Florinada Captain's Log - Day 6


The family reunion was preceded by a quick assault on a sniper's nest.  Armed with our powerful water-cannons, the crew began the assault.  

The assault was fraught with danger, and saw a few casualties.  Some of the crew suffered wounds from several cannonballs and belly flops.

Luckily, a ceasefire was quickly negotiated and the crew and our former enemies enjoyed frozen, sugary drinks they called "Snow-cones".

The temporary truce was enhanced by friendly competition in some strange game including a table, paddles, and a small spherical ball.  Food and later ice cream were the signatures on what appears to be a lasting peace for the time being.

Day's Log: Shore leave.

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  1. Your shore leave appears to the the crew in good spirits. But soon you may be boarding the ship to head over the river and through the woods to the crew's great grandma's house you may go.