Saturday, June 12, 2021

R.R.V Florinada Captain's Log - Day 5


The day started with a sighting again of my nemesis's antagonist - the white whale.  Apparently this crew had turned the white whale into a "whale of a sandwich".  Captain Ahab must be seething others have found taming his great white whale so easy.

We then made way to the Louisville Slugger museum.  We inquired if there was parking for large ships such as ours nearby, whereby we were informed that a lot behind the museum would suffice.  The overhead clearance of the lot was 12 feet.  The clearance for our ship is 12 feet.  So the low clearance situation in addition to having to make a three point turn in the parking lot and then taking and paying 4 parking spots was a stressful adventure for this captain.  The dockage was successful, and we were able to take shore leave to visit the museum.

Inside we watched as these blank billets were turned into hitting machines.  It's been a particularly favorite dockage of mine so far, and being a generous Captain, I purchased each of the crew a custom Louisville Slugger bat.

After lunch at Luigi's Pizza in downtown Louisville, we departed for Carmel, Indiana to make an extended shore leave in order to reunite with family.  So far the plague only appears to be present in Atlanta.  Signs of it have been few and far between in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana.  In Indiana, the crew was able to find a species of  pool with a diving board.  This Captain thought those had become extinct years ago.  The Captain was also able to enjoy some shore leave with extended family, and somehow we found Margaritaville after a 2 mile hike into Carmel, Indiana.   

Leg 1 - Louisville South KOA to Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory:

Leg 2 - Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory to Carmel, Indiana

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  1. Is that white whale following you? Hope the boys enjoyed Louisville Slugger! I know parking is tight there.