Thursday, June 10, 2021

R.R.V. Florinada Captain's Log - Day 4

The morning began with an answer to the ages old philosophical question, "If there's smoke in a forest, does a smoke detector alarm go off?"  The answer turns out to be: "Yes".  While cooking the crew's breakfast, the steward created enough smoke to trigger the ship's smoke detection units.  It alerted the crew and sent out distress signals to all the ships in our area.  All was well though, and opening the windows to the galley corrected the problem.

After this episode, the crew was sent out on a scavenging expedition, to explore and make claim to anything of value.  They were ambushed by some savages who raided their pockets for quarters to use in a Candy Crane.  Thankfully, the crew and the savages became friendly after this.  The savages were from Orlando, FL.  The mother was a teacher, and she and her son were making way to Chicago.

Today's voyage was one of the longer legs of the trip as we departed Chattanooga and made way for Louisville.  The ship's surgeon - the only learned crew member - did her best to educate the otherwise remedial crew.  

One of them showed some creativity, ambition, and technical skill by creating this video on some rectangular device he has as one of his personal possessions.

Finally arriving at our destination, the crew found a gigantic species of animal that was billowy, and seemed to enjoy them jumping on it.  They named the species, "Bouncy Pillow".


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  1. Good job on the video!!! The crane game can take quarters quickly.