Monday, June 14, 2021

R.R.V. Florinada Captain's Log - Day 7


After the intense skirmish yesterday, the crew and our new allies began the day with a breakfast of smores.  After our goodbyes we took our leave, cast off our lines, and set off for our furthest destination:  The land of Chicago, to see the crew's great-grandmother.  

The crew member assigned to watch was caught sleeping at his post.  He missed the signs declaring that the plague still infested the lands of Illinois, and that foreigners would need to submit to mandatory quarantine.  We were later to learn that this new land was so well governed that the signs were out of date.  

Nonetheless we were able to meet the crew's aunt, uncle, and great grandmother.  One of the crew had to repair a part of the ship, and decided to work through his meal time.

After the libations, we commenced a raiding party where the crew was able to successfully commandeer their own ship without sustaining any casualties.  The one dressed in blue here was the captain of the raid, and he even rescued several of the women from the barbarians of the Naperville Paddleboat Quarry. 

Day's Log: Carmel, Indiana to Naperville, Illinois


  1. Us as the keepers of the one crew member that didn't make this trip, are certain that Great Grandma was happy for the visit. Thank you for doing that.

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