Monday, June 14, 2021

R.R.V. Florinada Captain's Log - Day 8


After a quick breakfast there was some leisure time for the crew.  One of them made paper airplanes, the second explored, and the third wanted to put his new Louisville Slugger to use.  He hits the ball well, but there were only two times that we thought a window might be at risk.

Today was the longest voyage of the trip:  allegedly 6 Hours and 15 minutes.  Add in the port traffic to leave Chicago and through Indianapolis, it turned into just under 9 hours.  All of the crew is exhausted from the tight ship the Captain runs, but the recent consecutive late nights have left the younger crew members in need of respite.   We re-arranged the watch schedule, and the younger crew took a well deserved nap.

Upon arrival at the Mammoth Cave, KY Jellystone park, the Ship's Steward made a dinner of Ham and Mac and Cheese.  The steward was upset because earlier we found a mid-voyage McDonald's.  It was the first McDonald's we'd seen en route - I'm told they are rare - and we ate there for lunch.   One of the crew described that lunch as the "Best day of his life", and the Ship's Steward has been a bit grumpy about it since.

Day's Log: Naperville, IL to Jellystone Park at Mammoth Cave


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  1. That was a long ride, glad to hear you got that, enjoy the sights.