Tuesday, June 8, 2021

R.R.V. Florinada Captain's Log - Day 2

We were startled awake by a large, strange creature.  The smallest crew member appeared to know its species, calling it a "Garbage Truck".  I have no reason to doubt him.  After we recovered from the fright, we had a peaceful breakfast of pancakes and biscuits and gravy, buttoned down the hatches, and set out North for a port named "Lane's Orchards".

When we arrived, our smallest crew member had appeared to fall ill and mal-content.  Luckily, Lane's Orchards had an ample supply of peaches, and after a fried peach pie and some festivities, the Ship's Surgeon explained to me that we had narrowly missed an outbreak of scurvy.

Our departure from Lane's Orchards quickly found us joined by marvelous pods of all vehicle species on our bow, stern, and midships as we journeyed into Atlanta to stop at the Georgia Aquarium.  There we witnessed sharks, dolphins, otters, seals, and all manner of smaller fish.  Curiously, there was a large white whale there.  She appeared rather docile, and I'm not quite sure what my adversary Captain Ahab went on and on about.  I suppose I never liked him much anyways though.

The Aquarium though was consumed by the plague, and all the entrants had to wear the shield of mask.  The smallest crew member's looked ridiculous, and I'm still not sure how spilling our aerosols out the sides of the mask is any different than spilling them directly out the front.  I've been informed I'm just stupid, though.  The small crew member eventually gave up wearing one.  I'm magnificently happy that he was not stricken with plague. 

For our departure from Atlanta, the local constables joined us.  There were K9, swat, and many normal constables there.  Many were dressed in body armor carrying M4 rifles.  There were rumors that the plague had created Walking Dead in Atlanta.  We were happy to depart in haste!

After our hurried departure from Atlanta, we made way for Red Top Mountain, Georgia.  19 years ago Diana and I visited Red Top for a primitive camping trip required by a class she took in University.  After a long weekend of roughing it with heavy packs, little food, and little knowledge of the terrain, we stumbled ourselves into a Wild Buffet, where we gorged ourselves with our quarry's sliced prime rib, mashed potatoes and gravy, and many things richly southern.  Alas, it was the last known Wild Buffet and is now extinct.  We had to fend for ourselves this time in a primitive manner with poles and hooks.

Leg 1: Tifton to Lane Orchards

Leg 2: Lane Orchards to Georgia Aquarium

Leg 3: Georgia Aquarium to Red Top Mountain


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