Thursday, June 17, 2021

R.R.V. Florinada Captain's Log - Day 10


The extra long voyage even made our Ship's Surgeon seasick and tired.  We left Mammoth Cave at 11am, and arrived back at our Home port at 1am.   The ports of Nashville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta were busy and delayed us by an extra hour and a half.  The entire crew was exhausted upon arriving back at our Home Port, and they promptly found their own bunks and crashed as quickly as they could. 

Despite the long voyage and the exhaustion suffered, the crew is best setup for a quick unloading and cleaning of the R.R.V. Florinada, before its return to its rightful owners.

Day's Log: Mammoth Cave to Home

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  1. Welcome home my Capitan. Hope the crew and you enjoyed the voyage!